Environmental Wedding Projection

01. Walls

02. Floors

03. Ceilings

  1. 01. Walls

    Ok so what is Environmental Wedding Projection? The first thing you should know is that I am the only DJ in the world who is offering this for weddings. So to say that your wedding will be unique is an understatement. Environmental Wedding Projection seems like something you would only see at a million dollar wedding. This is a common misconception. While it is true that large scale installations can be expensive, DJ Jacob also provides small scale projections for your wedding. This is the process of projecting an HD image or video on the walls of your venue. It is done by three or six projectors digitally connected together to create one seamless image. Any theme can be projected on the walls to truly make your wedding come alive.

  2. 02. Floors

    If you want to create a truly amazing dance floor, Environmental Wedding Projection is one of the best ways to project any image or video on your dance floor. Projecting a black and white, woodgrain, or totally custom dance floor can be achieved! This can also be projected on to lawns or hardwood or even carpet, to further enhance the experience at your wedding!

  3. 03. Ceilings

    Ceiling projection is one of the best ways to enhance a tent, hotel, or ballroom. Projecting a starry sky or slow moving clouds will truly take your guests to the vision you have for your wedding. With Environmental Wedding Projection you can enhance the ceilings of your venue and make it a creative space instead of just another wedding venue!

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