01. Uplighting & Intelligent Lighting

02. Monograms & Gobo Patterns

03. Outdoor Uplighting

  1. 01. Uplighting & Intelligent Lighting

    All of DJ Jacob's lighting is powered by Chauvet LightsAdding wireless uplighting is the most dramatic way to change the experience in your venue. With wireless uplighting you can create a specific mood and immerse your guests in it. Brides we work with want an elegant space for their wedding, with wireless lighting you can create your vision without all the messy wires to distract from your decor. DJ Jacob also offers Intelligent Lighting as well as Environmental Wedding Projection.

    Intelligent lighting can be thousands of different types of lighting, but with DJ Jacob we only use the professional Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350.  Intelligent lighting should enhance the party atmosphere without destroying all your pictures. Lazers and fog can really hinder your photographer from getting the very best side of you.  Intelligent dance floor lighting will also respond to the music on a second by second bases and all of it is controlled by DJ Jacob's Touch Screen DJ Controller. If the song slows or the beat stops, then the lights slow down or go black, if the song is in an epic buildup and all your family and friends are jumping, then the lights are moving across the ceiling and changing colors or patterns to build upon the energy!

    Excitement increases with intelligent lighting and of course it will transform your wedding to a trend setting event!

  2. 02. Monograms & Gobo Patterns

    DJ Jacob can provide custom monograms for your wedding or event.  This adds a beautiful, personal touch to your event by having your initials up in lights. Company and brand logo projections are also available to enhance any corporate event.

    A Gobo Pattern can add texture to your space and enhance the design scheme of your event.  With many different design and color options available, DJ Jacob can project Gobo patterns to enhance your entire event space or add a focal point to the room.

  3. 03. Outdoor Uplighting

    All of DJ Jacob's lighting is powered by Chauvet Lights.

    When planning an outside event there are many design options to help enhance your outdoor space. Utilizing the natural elements around your event you can immerse your guests in a vision beyond the norm. DJ Jacob can place wireless uplighting around trees, or project images on lawns or add wash lighting on your venue.  All these types of lighting will transform a space and create something entirely new to wow your guests! Intelligent lighting and monograms are a sophisticated way to enhance an outdoor space.

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